Role of forensic odontologist in post mortem person identifi cation

Jahagirdar B Pramod, Anand V Marya, Vidhii Sharma


The natural teeth are the most durable organs in the bodies of vertebrates, and humankind’s understanding of their own past and evolution relies heavily upon remnant dental evidence found as fossils. The use of features unique to the human dentition as an aid to personal identifi cation is widely accepted within the forensic fi eld. Comparative dental identifi cations play a major role in identifying the victims of violence, disaster or other mass tragedies. The comparison of ante-mortem and postmortem dental records to determine human identity has long been established. Indeed, it is still a major identifi cation method in criminal investigations, mass disasters, grossly decomposed or traumatized bodies, and in other situations where visual identifi cation is neither possible nor desirable. This article has comprehensively described some of the methods, and additional factors aiding in postmortem person identifi cation.

Key Words: Barr bodies, fossils, identifi cation, lifestyle, odontometric

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