Adenomatoid hyperplasia of lower lip

Gaganjot Kaur Sharma, Manish Sharma, Srinivas S Vanaki


Adenomatoid hyperplasia (AH) is an uncommon, non-neoplastic swelling on the palate caused due to hyperplasia of the mucinous acini. The lesion clinically presents as a sessile tumor-like nodule resembling pleomorphic adenoma. Histopathologic fi ndings include lobules of enlarged mucinous acini which are fi lled with secretory granules. The nuclei are squeezed to the basal portions, associated with focal infl ammation and ductal dilatation, and a history of trauma is often elicited. Here, we report a rare case of AH of the lower lip in a 20-year-old male patient, which mimics a mucous retention cyst or mucocele.
Key Words: Adenomatoid hyperplasia, minor salivary glands, mucocele

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