Comparisson of Serum Zing Level in Recurrent Patients and Normal Individuals

H. Khademi, J. Shaikhiany


Recurrent oral aphthous is one of the most common ulcerative lesions of the oral cavity which no specific treatment has been introduced for it, sofar. Some studies suggest the zinc deficiency as one of the etiologic factors in aphthous ulcers and also in other experimental studies, zinc composition has been effective in aphthous treatment. The aim of this stud was to determinate the serum zinc level in normal and aphthous individuals.

This was a case-control study in which 88 individuals (44 normal and 44 aphthous patients) were studied. Both groups were equalized for age and sex. Sampling was convinence. The blood samples were taken and the zinc level of them were measured by Atomic Absortion Spectrometer and then the results were statistically analyzed with t-test.

This study showed that the average serum zinc level in the case group was 70 9µg/dlit and in the control was 94 14 µg/dlit and there is a significant difference between two groups (P<0.001).

According to above results, serum zinc level is significantly lower in Recurrent Aphtous Stomatitis (RAS) patients, thus the determination of serum zinc level, and prescribing zinc if its serum level is low, are recommended in RAS patients.

Key words
recommend aphthous, serum zinc level, absortion spectrometer

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