Evaluation of serum C-reactive protein levels in subjects with aggressive and chronic periodontitis and comparison with healthy controls

Aruna Kanaparthy, Rosaiah Kanaparthy, Nandini Niranjan


Background: Periodontal subgingival pathogens affect local and systemic immune responses and
initiate an acute phase systemic inflammatory response characterized by the release of C-reactive
proteins (CRPs). This study has been carried out to evaluate the serum concentration of CRPs, which
can be used as a marker of periodontal disease as well as a risk indicator for cardiovascular diseases.
Materials and Methods: In a retrospective study a total number of 45 subjects were selected
from the outpatient department of periodontics a mean age of 40 years. Based on the periodontal
status, the subjects were divided into 3 groups of 15 subjects each. Group I: Control group [with
attachment loss (AL) ≤ 2 mm and pocket depth (PD) < 3 mm], Group II: Generalized aggressive
periodontitis (AL ≤ 5 mm), Group III: chronic periodontitis (AL ≥ 2 mm, PD ≥ 5 mm), which includes
moderate and severe periodontitis. The clinical parameters recorded were plaque index,gingival
index, bleeding index, probing PD, and clinical attachment levels and scoring was done on 6 surfaces
of all teeth. For the CRP assessment, blood samples were collected from subjects at the time of
clinical examination. Analysis of covariance was used for comparison of mean values between the
groups to adjust the ages (P value < 0.05).
Results: Overall, the mean CRP levels were high in subjects with generalized aggressive and chronic
periodontitis compared with controls. This was found to be statistically significant. A statistically
significant difference (P = 0.012) was found in the CRP level between groups I and II and between
groups II and III, and between groups I and III.
Conclusion: The results of the present study indicated an increase in serum CRP levels in subjects
with generalized aggressive periodontitis and chronic periodontitis as compared with the controls.
Key Words: Aggressive periodontitis, chronic periodontitis, C-reactive proteins, serum

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