Stafne bone cavity with ectopic salivary gland tissue in the anterior of mandible

Parviz Deyhimi, Soheila Darisavi, Saeideh Khalesi


Stafne bone cavities (SBCs) are uncommon well‑demarcated defects of the mandible, which often occur in the posterior portion of the jaw bone and are usually asymptomatic. Furthermore, SBC is
found in men aged 50–70‑year‑old. Anterior mandibular variants of SBC are very rare. This article describes a case of anterior SBC in a 45‑year‑old man that resembled endodontic periapical lesions.
Upon histopathological examination, it turned out to be a normal salivary gland tissue.

Key Words: Defect, mandibular, stafne bone cyst

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