Dental team and infection control for the COVID‑19: (A short review of the current guidelines)

Nakisa Torabinia, Firoozeh Nilchian, Seyed Mohhamad Razavi


Background: In December 2019, a series of unusual pneumonia has been reported in Wuhan,
China. This pneumonia was related to beta‑coronavirus cluster which was named COVID‑19. The
aim of this study is to review the published paper on COVID‑19 protections guide lines and attempt
to summarize different suggested guide lines in order to help dental/oral healthcare to have better
protection against COVID ‑19
Materials and Methods: An electronic literature search was conducted via google scholar,
PubMed, and dental associations’ of different countries’ website using the key word “COVID‑19,
Dental team, Guide lines and Recommendation”.A total of seven guidelines were found suitable
to be included in this review.
Conclusion: Individuals with ‘possible’ or ‘confirmed’ COVID‑19 should not be seen for routine
dental care. Multi‑step approach should begin before the patient arrives on the office and includes
guidance regarding their arrival and it should be completed duration of the affected patient’s
presence in the practice. Accurate travel history, fever or history of fever, acute respiratory infection
and severe respiratory infection without fever requiring hospitalization should be checked by staff
via patients telephoning to make an appointment and finally the primary infection control goal is
to prevent transmission of disease. These treatment guidelines are based on very limited evidence
from the literature and should be revised as soon as more evidence about the infection control
advices for dental team regarding COVID‑19.
Key Words: COVID‑19, dental team, guideline, infection control

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