An unusual case of tricho–dento–osseous syndrome

Abbas Haghighat, Sobhan Pourarz, Maryam Ghazizadeh, Zahra Talebzadeh


Tricho–dento–osseous (TDO) syndrome is a multisystem congenital disorder that is known by
bone, skin, and hair abnormalities. Primitive studies show different varieties of manifestations related
to this disorder, which involve sclerotic bones, nail involvement, enamel hypoplasia, mandibular
prognathism, and taurodontism. Although exploring different TDO cases revealed genetic mutations
in all of them, they have many variations in phenotypic view. In this study, we report a case whose
primary diagnosis was alopecia and came for extraction of her third molars, but after clinical and
radiographic examination, it was found that the cause of her disease was something different.
Key Words: Alopecia, genetic diseases, tricho–dento–osseous syndrome

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