Evaluation of Relation Between Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis and Stress

P. Ghalayani, M. Karimi bijaninejad


Background and aim
"Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis" is an ulcer that appears in the Oral mucosa in the form of painful and often recurrent ulcers. Its prevalence is 10 to 20 percents. And in some of the selected groups such as students, its prevalence is up to 50 percents. Its appearance in female is more than male. No single reason has been recognized for this disease. Some of sources have referred to the relation of this disease with stress. The purpose of this study was to survey the role of stress as one of the factors that create recurrent aphthous stomatitis

Methods and Materials
This is a case-control study, in this study 61 patients with aphthous stomatitis that had been referred to the oral medicine department and affiliated clinics were examined. 61 patients were selected from two sexes randomly. Control group was consisted of the siblings of the patients who had been referred and selected randomly. After patient justification, Diagnosis and attestation of the professor, the “Standard questionnaire for measuring stress” in the name of “Klementz & Raberts” was completed by the patients and control group.The information was analyzed statistically through T-Test.

The obtained information indicated that the average of stress mark in case and control group was 384 and 249 respectively. T-Test indicated that there was a significant difference between stress mark in two case an control groups (P<0.05). The average age for the patients who suffered from recurrent aphthous stomatitis is 24 years old and the average age for healthy persons is 24 as well. Prevalence of recurrent aphthous stomatitis in people with psychological – mental problems was more than healthy people considerably. There was a significant difference between aphthous stomatitis and stress in case and control groups.

Key words
Stress Psychosomatic – Recurrent aphthous stomatitis.

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