Comparative immunohistochemical analysis of angiogenesis and mast cell density in oral normal mucosa and squamous cell carcinoma

Gholamreza Jahanshahi, Mehdi Sabaghian


Background: Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most common malignancy in oral cavity.
Angiogenesis is essential for the development and progression of SCC. Recently, some studies
have reported that mast cells may play a role in tumor progression via promoting angiognesis.
Since the results of various studies on the role of mast cells in tumor progression is not uniform,
the aim of this study was to define the possible role of mast cells in the process of angiogenesis
by determining the microvessel density (MVD) and mast cell density (MCD) and the association
between them in oral normal mucsoa and oral SCC.
Materials and Methods: In this retrospective analytical study, paraffinized specimens from 22
cases of normal mucosa and 20 cases of well-differentiated oral SCC were selected. Microvessels
were stained by using immunohistochemical technique with anti-CD34 antibody and mast cells
with toluidine blue and then were counted at 400× magnification in hot-spot areas under a light
microscope. The results were analyzed by using t- test and Pearson’s exams. P values less than 0.05
was considered to be significant.
Results: A significant correlation was noted between MVD and MCD in normal oral mucosa
(P<0.001), but in spite of a higher density of mast cells and microvessels observed in oral SCC
compared to normal mucosa, there was no significant correlation between them (P=0.731).
Conclusion: These findings showed that factors other than mast cells may play a role in the
upregulation of tumor angiogenesis in oral SCC.
Key Words: Angiogenesis, mast cell, oral squamous cell carcinoma

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