Effect of plasma-rich in platelet-derived growth factors on periimplant bone healing: An experimental study in canines

Reza Birang, Alireza Torabi, Mohammad Shahabooei, Mansour Rismanchian


Background: Tissue engineering principles can be exploited to enhance alveolar and peri-implant
bone reconstruction by applying such biological factors as platelet-derived growth factors. The
objective of the present study is to investigate the effect of autologous plasma-rich in growth
factors (on the healing of peri-implant bone in canine mandible).
Materials and Methods: In this prospective experimental animal study, two healthy canines of
the Iranian mix breed were selected. Three months after removing their premolar teeth on both
sides of the mandible, 12 implants of the Osteo Implant Corporationsystem, 5 mm in diameter
and 10 mm in length, were selected to be implanted. Plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) were
applied on six implants while the other six were used as plain implants without the plasma. The
implants were installed in osteotomy sites on both sides of the mandible to be removed after 4
weeks with the surrounding bones using a trephine bur. Mesio-distal sections and implant blocks,
50 μ in diameter containing the peri-implant bone, were prepared By basic fuchin toluidine-bluefor
histological and histomorphometric evaluation by optical microscope. The data were analyzed using
Mann-Whitney Test (P<0.05).
Results: The bone trabeculae and the type of bone generation in PRGF and control groups had
no statistically significant differences (P=0.261, P=0.2) although the parameters showed higher
measured values in the PRGF group. However, compared to the control, application of PRGF had
significantly increased bone-to-implant contact (P=0.028)
Conclusion: Based on the results, it may be concluded that application of PRGF on the surface
of implant may enhance bone-to-implant contact.
Key Words: Bone-to-implant contact, histological, histomorphometric, platelet-rich plasma
growth factor

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