Vol 1, No 2 (2004)

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Original Article(s)

Effect of Occlusal Splints on the Electromyographic Activities of Masseter and Temporal Muscles During Maximum Clenching
Omid Savabi , Farahnaz Nejatidanesh , Saeed Khosravi
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Analysis of Dentists' Knowledge of X-Ray Protection and Radiobiology in Isfahan
Mahnaz Sheikhi , Forouzanossadat Hossaini , Farnaz Ebrahimi
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A Comparative Study of Dental Caries Prevalence in 35-44 and 6-12 year Old Iranian Villagers and Afghan Refugees Living in Villages of Isfahan Province of Iran.
Tayebeh Mansori Karkavandi , Sayed. Mohammad R. Tavafzadeh Haghi , Majid Bouzari , Akbar Bagherzamani , Abdollah Farhady
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The Role of Pretreatment of Primary Teeth Dentin with Phosphoric and Polyacrylic Acid on Shear Bond Strength of a R-MGI and a Compomer
Abbas Makarem , Behjat AI-Molook Ajami , Masumeh Ebrahimi
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Dental Caries Prevalence and Its Correlation with Dental Health Behavior, Nutrition and Socioeconomic Conditions in Twelve- Year-Old Children
Farahnaz Arbabzadeh Zavareh , Majid Bouzari , Desiree Hatamosa
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Localization of the Maxillary U nerupted Canine with a Single Panoramic Radiograph
Mahnaz Sheikhi , Shahrzad Sheikholeslam-Nasab
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Review Article(s)

Endodontic Implant: A Review
S.B. Mousavi , Z. Mohammadi
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Case Report(s)

Cantilever Resin Bonded Fixed Partial Denture – A Clinical Report.
O. Savabi , F. Nejatidanesh
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