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Birang, Reza

  • Vol 11, No 1 (2014) - Original Article(s)
    Effect of bracket bonding with Er: YAG laser on nanomechanical properties of enamel
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  • Vol 11, No 3 (2014) - Original Article(s)
    Shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets after acid-etched and erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser-etched
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  • Vol 11, No 4 (2014) - Original Article(s)
    Socket preservation using demineralized freezed dried bone allograft with and without plasma rich in growth factor: A canine study
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  • Vol 11, No 6 (2014) - Original Article(s)
    Shear bond strength of resin composite bonded with two adhesives: Infl uence of Er: YAG laser irradiation distance
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  • Vol 13, No 6 (2016) - Original Article(s)
    Evaluation of the effects of two different bone resorption inhibitors on osteoclast numbers and activity: An animal study
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